Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home .....

While going back home from Noida, 

Me : Kuch bhi kaho, maja aa gaya

Shobhit : Haan woh to hai, mujhe to drive karne main maja aa gaya. Bareilly jaane ka experience bhi kaam aa gaya. Papa ne mujhe highway driving pe kaafi tips diye.

I forgot to mention in my previous post, that I was constantly navigating Shobhit on the highway. Though, I'm not very good at it, but still gave my best shot and it helped him a bit. 

Me : Ohk, sahi hai.

Apart from that, another task that I was doing is I was constantly updating Shruti (our dear friend) about our location and condition. As soon as we reached Gurgaon, me and her were on  a constant SMS exchange spree and I was updating her about every move that we made.  When we reached Noida, she was at peace and I don't know if she slept after that or not. (LOL)

Soon, we reached Ghaziabad, and Shobhit dropped me home. It was around 0115 Hrs and we both were dead tired. I asked him to SMS me once he reaches home. Around 0130 Hrs, I got a SMS from him that he has reached safely. 

So,  that was our short trip 18-19 hour trip. We learned many things from the trip and we are gonna take care of all the things and little stupid things that we missed this time. 

Again, I would like to thank Shobhit and Jeetu for taking me out of the dilemma by planning this trip and I look forward to many such trips in the near future with some more friends and some more experiences. 
I would love to have your feedback about this travelogue. 
I hope you had a good time reading this. 
Signing off till the next one.


Pollution Check Certificate ....

All three of us were having eagle eyes on every petrol pump that was coming on the highway. We didn't realize that we were still in Rajasthan and according to the owner of that BP petrol pump, we would surely find one in Haryana. We kept on driving, crossed the Rajasthan bored, entered into Haryana, but we couldn't find a single pollution checking unit.

Jeetu : Yaar uncle ne 25 Km pe bola tha ki aa jayega but abhi tak to kuch nahin aaya hai.

Shobhit : Hmm, chalo dekhte hai. Waise, Delhi main panga hona nahin chahiye. Press Card hai, thoda chala ke bach jayenge.

Me : But, still milega to karwa lenge. 30-35 Rs ke liye kyun tension kare faaltu ki.

Jeetu : Haan, theek hai.

So, again the search for a pollution check unit began but no luck.

Then near Neemrana, we found the first pollution check unit and I went all crazy because of the fact that at least we are out of one trouble. Quickly jumped out of the car and started a conversation with the concerned person,

Me : Bhaiyya, pollution check ho jayega kya ?

Guy : Haan ho jayega 

Me : Superb ! Kar do yaar. 

Guy : Hold this camera and focus it on the number plate of the car.

Meanwhile, Shobhit parked his car in the right orientation. I helped the guy with focusing camera on the number plate. He didn't perform the test properly, handed over the certificate in my hand and asked for 30 bucks. 

Me : Aapne check to kiya hi nahin ?

Guy : Arre bhaisahab sab theek hai, aap tension free hoke jaao.

Another guy : Ab 3 mahine tak khoob ghoomo isko leke, Koi tension nahi hogi.

Me : Hmm, theek hai.

I gave him the money, punched Shobhit 2-3 times as I was all cheered up having that certificate in my hand. Silly me.

Again, we hit the road and this time all we cared about is reaching Ghaziabad in the minimum possible time. I was sure that once we crossed Manesar, then everything would be smooth. No jams nothing. Well my guess was slightly wrong. With too many diversions on NH-8, it was a chaos but somehow Shobhit and me managed to get out of those while Jeetu was dreaming. YES, he actually slept on the back seat. Lucky Dog !

Me and Shobhit were sure that once we reached Gurgaon, then it is hardly going to take 1:30 Hrs to reach Ghaziabad and hit the sack. We entered Gurgaon around 0015 Hrs and Shobhit's sister called me up 

Didi : Kahan pahunche ? 

Me : Didi, Gurgaon main hai.

Didi : Tab to kam se kam 1-1.5 ghanta aur lagega tum logo ko

Me : Haan didi, kam lagna chahiye but itna to maan ke chalo aap.

Didi : Achcha, Shobhit se baat karwao

I handed over the phone to Shobhit, he had a small conversation with Didi. He was already superb pissed off with the traffic jams and now he was like in a very bad state of mine. But, it has got nothing to do with the conversation he had with his sister. 

Me : Ab delhi main enter hone waale hai 

Shobhit : Iss Jeetu sale ko jagah, I don't want to take any chances with the directions now. Delhi and flyovers near AIIMS confused me. 

Me : Sone de, Dhaula Kuan pahunch ke jagata hoon isko.

Soon, we reached Dhaula Kuan. I asked Jeetu to wake up and help us with the directions. 

Jeetu guided us with the directions to reach Ashram and soon we were on the DND flyway which is an eight-laned 9.2 km (5.7 mi) access controlled tolled expressway which connects Delhi to Noida, an industrial suburb area. The entire flyway was empty and soon we reached Film City, Sector - 16 Noida where we droped Jeetu and we headed towards Ghaziabad.